About Me

Maria Diduch was born in Łódź, Poland, in 1947. In the years 1967-1973 she studied at the Department of Fashion Design at the Higher School of Art and Design in Łódź. She graduated in 1973 with honors in painting (studio of prof. Zdisław Głowacki), in fashion design (studio of prof. Aleksandra Pukaczewska) and jewelry design (studio of prof. Lena Kowalewicz)
In that same year she moved to Holland where she started her artistic career in painting and drawing. During the 1980s and 90s she used various techniques and worked with different themes in order to experience new artistic possibilities. She started her experiments with hand-made paper and organic fibers (for example silk).
For over 20 years now, paper has become for her a new medium of self expression. First, Maria Diduch created two-dimensional compositions (which were the continuation of her oil paintings) as well as lace-like installations, single objects and art books. The value and power of those works are determined by the color, the easiness of mixing medias (fabrics, plant fibers) as much as the light interacting with them.
Her art is widely appreciated. Maria Diduch has been invited to take part in various international exhibitions and art competitions during which her works are commonly nominated to awards. She is known mostly for her installations. Maria Diduch received the Grand Prix for her work entitled “The Lightness of Being” at the 10-th International Lace Biennial in 2002, which was the greatest honor and is considered as the highlight of all her efforts.
Maria Diduch participated in over 100 exhibitions (individual and collective) presenting the art of paper, textile art, art books and paintings across Europe. She is a member of international organization gathering artists who work in paper IAPMA (International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists).
For many years the artist has conducted classes in her studio, in the form of whole-year drawing and painting courses and workshops in the technique of handmade paper both for adolescents and adults.